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Plumbing Services

From expert installation to professional diagnosis and repairs, we will handle it all! 

Fixture Plumbing

Most people use their faucets, sinks, tubs and toilets without realizing the amount of wear and tear these fixtures experience. Unfortunately, when they break, it can interrupt your daily routine in significant ways. 

Some common problems we can help with are leaking faucets, rusty fixtures, low water pressure, clogged drains, leaky or overflowing toilets, malfunctioning garbage disposals, and broken or leaky pipes. 

Water Heater

Both powervents and tankless units are very efficient. They are slightly expensive to make the change over at first. Powervents and tankless require a new PVC vent run to the outside. Once this is done its not as expensive. Also the tankless has a 30 year life expectancy. Plus a 12 year warranty

Sump Pump, Ejector Pumps, Battery Backups & Lift Station Pumps

We can help with repair and installation of your pump. 

If your basement is finished and you don’t have a back up, GET ONE! 

If you have one and don’t check it, then add distilled water at least every 2 months.

You can benefit from our system as it supports a maintenance free battery (lasts 5 years) and your alarm system. With battery back ups it all boils down to how long will the pump be able to cycle keeping you dry. It goes even further than the battery.Think about what is keeping your battery healthy all these years. The charger. The trickle charger is what needs to be just right so it is only adding power if needed and monitoring the battery voltage.

Ejector pumps are installed in situations where gravity drainage is impossible.  The pump will lift its contents to an elevation where gravity can take over.  They are typically installed for basement bathrooms, laundry rooms and/or for the floor drain next to the water heater and furnace.  If there is no bathroom you do not need a grinding ejector pump.  A standard sump/ effluent pump would be fine and cheaper.  Depending on usage any ejector pump should last anywhere from 8-12 years.  The water that goes into a properly installed ejector pit is completely under your control.  These items would be the basement bathroom, A/C, any water treatment, humidifier, and basement laundry room.  Everything else in your house should work fine.

Well Tanks

Do you hear your well kicking on every time you run water? Listen for it because catching it early can save you thousands by avoiding burning up the well pump.

We use Amtrol WellxTrol and size it for the house. Most of the time these need a complete re-plumb because they last so long. If everything is working but the well tank we won’t sell you anything that is not required for the installation.